Letter in these times of change

Dear friends, We are contacting you for updating you on a new way of collaborating in the growth of our community. As you know, Comunes, Ourproject, Kune y Move Commons have lived an extraordinary growth in the last times. This … Continued

¡Help! Hardware issues

Bad news… The Comunes collective has several servers to handle the initiatives under its umbrella: Ourproject.org, Kune, Move Commons, etc. Well, a few days ago two hard disks (from a RAID) failed. Translation for non-geeks: serious issues with our machines. … Continued

Ourproject boosts!

Ourproject.org is Comunes first child, born in 2002. Nowadays it’s a grown-up, pretty independent, and providing several web services to multiple initiatives. Looking at the forthcoming Kune, Ourproject geek-only technology looks old and rusty. However, it seems as if these … Continued