Comunes Trainings & Internships

The Comunes collective aims to move the ideals and methodologies of free/libre open source software (FLOSS) to other fields. Thus, it aims to build free web tools usable by collectives and communities not related to FLOSS for the collective production of Commons.

Comunes offers trainings & internships, becoming part of the community behind Comunes projects, at least temporarily. Note that, as a community-driven non-profit, no one behind Comunes receives any kind of salary or economic compensation for their work. The typical profile for the technical trainings is grad/undergrad students focusing on Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, or Free Open Source Software degrees. However, there are also multiple non-technical trainings available, so anyone is more than welcome!


  • 100% online, although meetings are possible & desirable
  • Full flexibility in timing, dates & level of commitment, although certain level of continuity expected
  • Method: practical, applied tasks; trainees would be guided while contributing to the community in a real environment
  • Tasks involved: trainings are divided into multiple profiles, each grouping several tasks. Trainees can focus in one profile or move from one to another to try several of them.
  • Required knowledge: depending on the profile chosen, certain knowledge would be advisable. However, there are no strict prerequisites as long as there is will to learn.

Technical and Non-techie Profiles:

Please, check the list of profiles in the “Join” page. If you are interested in a particular profile, or would like to try several of them, please contact us and we’ll see how to arrange it.