UK Student Loans

You can find different types of loans in the market. If you are trying to qualify for any of these, there will be a lot of factors involved. Some loans are non-repayable, some are repayable in a fixed amount and … Continued

Let’s Take Care, Let’s Take Part

Let’s take care of the Common Goods by participating   If you see waste in a forest, you can inform the guard, but the ideal is to look after the forest between all of us. You can see rubbish in … Continued


Comunes is a non-profit collective dedicated to a) Encourage the protection and expansion of the Commons [1] through our actions. The Comunes approach has the Commons as central idea, using it as a guideline for its actions. It facilitates the … Continued

Summary of Projects

Comunes is a non-profit collective dedicated to facilitating the use of free/libre web tools and resources to collectives and activists alike, with the hopes of encouraging the Commons. A quick summary of our initiatives is as follows: Web Tools & … Continued

Forthcoming events of Move Commons

Move Commons, one of the initiatives under the Comunes umbrella, has began to spread the word and will be presented in the following events: Mozilla Drumbeat Festival, Nov 3-5, Barcelona Medialab-Prado, Nov 25, Madrid Chaos Communication Congress, Dec 27-30, Berlin

Researching The Commons

(Español) The Commons keep attracting the interest of researchers from multiple perspectives. A very interesting example of this is the Quality Commons workshop that took place a few days ago (28/29 of Jan 2010) in Paris.

Manifest for the recovery of common goods of humanity

The enclosure movement in England during the 15th and 16th centuries limited the access to land and its benefits to its owners, thus making it inaccessible to the public as it had been traditionally. This initiated the process of the … Continued