The Nobel Foundation recognises the importance of The Commons

The Nobel of Economy of this year was considered as a pretty special one. It was shared by Elinor Ostrom and Oliver E. Williamson. Ostrom is the first woman to receive such prize. But more importantly, Ostrom’s prize has been an unexpected surprise to the public as well as to economists and analysts, since most economists didin’t know her, as former Nobel of Economy winner Joseph Stiglitz admitted.

This is mainly due to the fact that she is actually a political scientist, not an economist, and that her works have been focused in the management of common goods instead of the market or the corporations as in most economic studies. She successfully demonstrated that the decentralised organisation of common goods is a superior way of management, as opposed to their ‘enclosure‘, that is, when they are controlled by a single centralised organism (usually a state or a corporation). Her research strongly supports the community self-management of these common resources.

In Comunes Association we are particularly interested in the following works:

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  1. anamaria

    Algo pasa cuando individualmente algunos ciudadanos estamos buscando propuestas diferentes a las que se plantean a esta crisis global y una politologa y nobel como Ostrom y sus planteamientos no tienen ni una pequeña reseña en los periodicos.

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