Letter in these times of change

Dear friends,

We are contacting you for updating you on a new way of collaborating in the growth of our community. As you know, Comunes, Ourproject, Kune y Move Commons have lived an extraordinary growth in the last times. This growth has required to increase the capacity of the servers and infrastructure of Comunes. In this line, we joined other similar collectives to form a Collective Data Centre, with enough resources for all of us. However, this implies a continuous economic effort. Furthermore, the time has come to renew our servers, that have already shown serious signals and issues.

That’s why we have decided to create a new way of participation and cofunding for our supporters. It consists on regular, variable and fully optional economic contributions, that would allow us to sustain the expenses, so everyone in the community can help sustaining this common ecosystem. We should take into account that during 10 years we have been assuming the efforts from our personal economic contributions. Thus, we have prepared a donation page in which you could, if you want to, collaborate with regular monthly quotas. These contributions will be used just for the maintenance of the servers and infrastructure, and we’ll keep with the spirit of Comunes by not seeking profit in any way. Every economic move done with these contributions will be clearly exposed to the community, transparently, in a highlighted part of our pages.

The team behind Comunes, Ourproject, Kune & Move Commons

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