¡Help! Hardware issues

Bad news… The Comunes collective has several servers to handle the initiatives under its umbrella: Ourproject.org, Kune, Move Commons, etc. Well, a few days ago two hard disks (from a RAID) failed. Translation for non-geeks: serious issues with our machines. Our servers are somehow old (several years) and this is a clear warning: it’s time to replace several components. Besides, the forthcoming release of Kune “in production” (for the use of everyone, not just in a demo) means that we need a new server that can handle the load.

Thus, we ask the community for urgent support in donations, hardware spare parts, or servers that we could use.

UPDATE: The servers run on Debian. The hardware parts could be useful if they are not too old. Please contact us, thanks!


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  1. victor


    no nos dicen nada del software que usan en esos servidores

    ¿buscan hardware nuevo?

    ¿y si reciclan?


  2. samer

    Tienes razón Víctor, post actualizado.

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