Upcoming presentations of the projects of Comunes

During the month of October, Comunes has been invited to present some of its projects in three prestigious events:

  • Free Culture Forum (Barcelona), presenting Kune and Move Commons, on Saturday October 29, 18:45-19:05. The FCForum is an international space in which to build and coordinate a global framework for action and a common agenda for issues related to free culture and access to knowledge.
  • Building Digital Commons (Barcelona), presenting Move Commons, on Sunday October 30, 11:00-13:30. Building Digital Commons is an event that aims to provide visibility to collaborative communities to create digital commons, promoting learning and mutual support among them.
  • Contact Summit (New York), presenting Kune, next October 20, 2011. Contact Summit is a gathering for innovation, where the main network experts, entrepreneurs and activists can meet people who are building new social technologies. The network of the future will not be driven by advertisements, but by real people working on solutions to problems in a decentralized manner.

If you live in any of these cities and you are interested in any of the Comunes projects, we will be happy to meet and exchange views on any of them.

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