Move Commons in a crowdfunding campaign

Move Commons, the Comunes project for labelling social initiatives, has just began a 40 days campaign for crowdfunding and search for collaborators. It is using the new crowdfunding platform “Goteo“, which just helps projects which provide a return to the Commons. The campaign aims to attract funding to boost the project and collaborators in different areas to fulfill its needs.


There is a list of collective returns to the Commons (such as an open infrastructure, search engine, HOWTOs) and individual returns (“if you donate X we help you with Y”). There is a minimum of 7,000€ that, if it’s not reached, no money will be gained and all donations would be returned (to guarantee donors that they’ll fund a sucessful project). Even if we don’t reach such minimum, we hope to attract enough contributors to push this ambitious project forward in the next months. Please, spread the word!

The campaign:
The needs and calendar:

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