Kune sees the light

After several years of work, we can finally introduce the first release of Kune. Kune is a free software (AGPLv3) that focuses on building free/libre contents collaboratively, focused on organization work and web content publishing.

You can check out a summary about Kune features below, and afterwards we encourage you to play with a demo.

We have recently decided to try to mix all our initiatives, integrating several of them into Kune:

  • Move Commons in Kune so groups can define themselves.
  • Troco as a barter system allowing Kune users to show and exchange certain service/goods they share…
  • Massmob (and other Wave extensions) allowing to organize meetings/flashmobs/etc among the members of a group/project/initiative.

Kune is still in development and there’s still a lot of work to do, but with the platform ready, we have a good start. Now with the difficult parts developed, it’ll be easy and faster to continue.

Please feel free to send us your opinions! We’d like to hear your comments, feedback, support, etc, so we can improve and shape Kune according to the community needs.

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