Egypt protesters managing the Commons

Egyptian protesters sharing newspapers
In times of crisis, the Commons cannot be forgotten. In fact, they become more essential than ever. In the recent uprising in Egypt, protesters have taken over Cairo and other cities. The brutal state police, overwhelmed by the situation, is not anymore trying to “maintain order” and for several days has simply left. In fact, most usual services are not working.

In this difficult context, Egyptian protesters have been working hard for protecting their Commons, specially in Tahrir (Liberation) Square, where most are concentrated. Cleaning the streets, moving away the trash, sharing food, giving medical care, community patrols, removing the Wifi passwords so anyone can use their connections (before they cut internet), projecting Al Jazeera in big screens or in tightened bed sheets, protecting the nearby National Museum, or sharing the newspapers in original manners… Dynamics that emerged naturally and beautifully from their coordinated action. Just another reason to stand by their side.

Egyptian protesters protecting the National Museum

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