Comunes on Wikipedia

We consider that Wikipedia entries are very important, and we have put effort for Comunes, Kune and Ourproject to be in Wikipedia. Keeping an entry on Wikipedia is complicated as it requires writing from a neutral point of view, add plenty of references, maintenance… otherwise it risks being deleted. In the Spanish Wikipedia we have tried to maintain a presence similar to the English one, but not with the same success. The current situation is:

  • Comunes [ENG][SPA] The Spanish entry was deleted some time ago, accused of being “promotional” and not having enough references. The English entry was improved a lot since then and now we are translating this new version to rebuild the entry in Spanish.
  • Kune [ENG][SPA] It’s very good!
  • [ENG][SPA] The Spanish version is being updated, translating from the English one.
  • Move Commons has no Wikipedia page yet, so we are working on that.

Nowadays, we are updating these entries, so we encourage you to know our projects either reading the Wikipedia articles or editing them. Maybe this will encourage you to collaborate with us more actively!

Do you join us?

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