Hemp seeds are used for people to eat and they are highly nutritious. They are good for boosting the immune system, they have anti-inflammatory properties and they even have the ability to help with weight loss, they are available as whole seeds or broken up into small flakes or flakes containing the oil. The long term health benefits of hemp seeds are also well known. Hemp seeds are considered a powerful stimulant, which is perfect for those on a ketogenic diet, as well as those with an existing type of epilepsy, so if you're interested in hemp products there are options you can get online. Learn more here about this. If you wish to consume hemp seeds then choose a high quality brand, and avoid using cheaper brands which are often high in pesticide residues and cholesterol-lowering agents. I like to buy hemp seeds from Seeds of Change, as they have a whole host of different varieties to choose from. For more on healthy benefits of the cannabis plant, check here the latest review of the delta 8 drops by fresh bros. Eat protein with meals. The reason that a ketogenic diet makes so much sense for those who suffer from refractory epilepsy is because it's a diet that targets amino acids and body weight loss. Eat protein with your meals, eat enough of it and you won't have to worry about any nutrient deficiencies. More specifically, by consuming high quality protein you'll be increasing your muscle mass and decreasing your body fat percentage, increasing your strength, building muscle, and thus giving you the body you want. Limit sugar in the evening. If your sleep is poor then what are you doing on a ketogenic diet? In addition to increasing your body weight and increasing strength and muscle you will also be decreasing your insulin levels, resulting in a reduced reliance on insulin and increasing satiety which helps boost your metabolism. Having an increased protein intake in the evening may be important as well. Remember that while ketosis is important for those suffering from refractory epilepsy it's also important for others. While a ketogenic diet isn't perfect there are some things you can do to combat and treat your sleep problems. These issues can be more debilitating than epilepsy itself so it's important to find a good nutritionist or doctor who will be willing to work with you. There are even cases of children with severe epilepsy who have had major seizures prevented by various lifestyle changes such as a low carb diet. Eat plenty of low carbohydrate foods. It's so important to get enough protein, calories, and healthy fats, but how can you achieve this when you've still got too much sugar? Eat plenty of foods that are low in carbohydrate such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Avoid foods such as pasta, breads, potatoes, and pasta made with refined sugar. Choosing nutritious food and not indulging in sugar can have a huge impact on reducing and avoiding seizures. Increase physical activity. I know it's hard to get your exercise in, but without enough exercise you won't want to eat it. Thankfully there's a whole host of physical activity options available that help increase physical fitness and get the body moving again. As a pre-exile epileptic who suffers from early onset seizures I started watching how other people lived and I discovered the great benefits of hiking, running, cycling, tennis, rowing, and cycling for those suffering from epileptic seizures.