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15-Nov-2016 y want to thank the generous donations of their collaborators. This initiative is completely financed by these donations and, without them, it wouldn't exist. We would like to recognise the donors of these years, together with the periodical donations, showing their name here. If your name doesn't appear, please contact us at donate AT ourproject DOT org Donations to Comunes are tax-deductible, contact us for more information.
This is a summary of our incomes (mainly donations) and expenses. If you want more details (for instance exact dates) please contact us.
NOTE: When we have negative balance between expenses and our donations the rest comes from our personal pockets.
Current Periodical Donators
Xavier de Pedro10€/m for Comunes
Rikard Söderströ10€/m for from
James Cloos5$/m
Azucena Klett ArroyoDonation€1,298.02
Hosting (Colocation Centre)2st semester 2015-€1,089.00
Dan MahoneyDonation$20.00
Steve FordDonation from$50.00
Domain costs-€26.60
Domain costs-€13.30
Spare disk to substitute a failed one-€99.02
AnonymousDonation for KuneBTC 0.02000
Lisardo Sobrino FernándezDonation for Kune€30.00
William SamuelsDonation$5.00
AnonymousDonation for KuneBTC 0.00737
Hosting (Colocation Centre)1st semester-€1,089.00
Participation in Event "Plataforma del Español"€200.00
Bank expensesVisa renovation-€18.00
Two new disks adquisition-€557.75
Tobias PolzinDonation€50.00
Hosting (Colocation Centre)Annual cost-€2,178.00
Domain costs-€12.00
Hardware adquisition-€109.92
Bank expensesVisa renovation-€18.00
Two new disks adquisition-€516.72
Nancy HamadDonation€1,000.00
Plataforma de Organizaciones de Infancia
CSOA La MoradaDonation€50.00
Participation in Intermediae Program€2,000.00
Participation in MediaLab Event€2,600.00
Belén García VillenaDonation€1,000.00
Hosting (Colocation Centre)Annual cost-€2,904.00
SSL certificate-€38.36
Bank expensesVisa renovation-€18.00
Katrin LeinweberDonation€30.00
Universitat LliureDonation€50.00
Batukada S'ambalàDonation€30.00
Sabadell LluitantDonation€65.00
Participation in Intermediae Event€130.93
Participation in MediaLab Event€1,000.00
Hosting (Colocation Centre)-€2,815.00
Bank expensesVisa renovation-€18.00
Ashim AcharyaDonation$5.00
Hosting (Colocation Centre)-€1,187.00
Rubber stamp-€51.83
Domain costs-€14.14
Guillermo Lozano Branger - MarianDonation€75.00
Alberto de la TorreDonation€20.00
Daniel Jimenez GonzalezDonation€501.00
Luis Alberto Guzman GarciaDonation$20.00
Xavier de PedroDonation€300.00
Carlos Fernández BarbudoDonation€50.00
Isabel Vara SánchezDonation€100.00
Past Periodical Donators
José María Fernández de Alba López de Pablo10€/m for Kune
Stanislav German-Evtushenko5€/m + 3$/m
RizOm Network5$/m
Antonio Javier Martín5€/m
Daniel Jimenez20€/m
Katrin Leinweber5€/m
Roel Sergeant15€/m
Luis Alberto Guzman Garcia5$/m
Luciano Lamaita5€/m
Samuel Ortigoza (2€/m)2€/m