New Comunes events on April

We have a busy week full of events! Check them out: As announced previously, we already have the calls for the next two meetings of Kune and Move Commons, both on the same day, Tuesday April 24: An open meeting … Continued

Letter in these times of change

Dear friends, We are contacting you for updating you on a new way of collaborating in the growth of our community. As you know, Comunes, Ourproject, Kune y Move Commons have lived an extraordinary growth in the last times. This … Continued

¡Help! Hardware issues

Bad news… The Comunes collective has several servers to handle the initiatives under its umbrella:, Kune, Move Commons, etc. Well, a few days ago two hard disks (from a RAID) failed. Translation for non-geeks: serious issues with our machines. … Continued

What a month!

As it was mentioned previously, Comunes has been moving around presenting its projects. In Contact (New York) we presented Kune, in the Free Culture Forum (Barcelona) we reviewed the approach and projects of Comunes, in “Building Digital Commons” (Barcelona) we … Continued

Move Commons in a crowdfunding campaign

Move Commons, the Comunes project for labelling social initiatives, has just began a 40 days campaign for crowdfunding and search for collaborators. It is using the new crowdfunding platform “Goteo“, which just helps projects which provide a return to the … Continued

Upcoming presentations of the projects of Comunes

During the month of October, Comunes has been invited to present some of its projects in three prestigious events: Free Culture Forum (Barcelona), presenting Kune and Move Commons, on Saturday October 29, 18:45-19:05. The FCForum is an international space in … Continued

Ourproject boosts! is Comunes first child, born in 2002. Nowadays it’s a grown-up, pretty independent, and providing several web services to multiple initiatives. Looking at the forthcoming Kune, Ourproject geek-only technology looks old and rusty. However, it seems as if these … Continued

Building a collective Data Centre

It is common that free/open source software collectives have issues for hosting their projects. Many of them just choose to externalize them, hosting them in foreign companies that offer such services. The ones that choose to keep their projects in … Continued

New release of Kune published (codename “15M”)

What we have seen these days in the movement 15M in the Spanish cities (and extensible to the Arab revolutions), has been a similar scenario to what we have lived all these years in, but condensed in a few … Continued

New agreements with universities

Two new universities have joined the project of Comunes: the Department of Computer Science at the American University of Science & Technology (Beirut) and the Faculty of Sociology and Political Sciences at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, through its Master … Continued