Nuevos convenios con universidades

Dos nuevas universidades se han unido al proyecto Comunes: el Department of Computer Science de la American University of Science & Technology (Beirut) y la Facultad de Sociología y Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, a través de … Continuado

Getting Kune and Move Commons funded

As a non-profit grassroots driven fully by volunteers, Comunes relies on donations of the community for reaching at some point sustainability. Given the characteristics of our projects we find fundraising a pretty difficult task. That’s why one of Comunes volunteers … Continuado

Kune sees the light

After several years of work, we can finally introduce the first release of Kune. Kune is a free software (AGPLv3) that focuses on building free/libre contents collaboratively, focused on organization work and web content publishing. You can check out a … Continuado

Colaboraciones & Prácticas en Comunes

Comunes puso en marcha hace un tiempo su programa de Training como un modo de introducir a estudiantes y otros colaboradores en el mundo del software libre y las tecnologías punteras mientras contribuyen al desarrollo de proyectos reales… lo que … Continuado

Network Ethernet Switches

Corporate ethernet switches may commonly offer between 32 and 128 connections. Such switches do not offer provision for specific IP addresses, so your IP address must match in the system configurator. If you wish to use an old hardware platform … Continuado

Investigando los Comunes

The Commons keep attracting the interest of researchers from multiple perspectives. A very interesting example of this is the Quality Commons workshop that took place a few days ago (28/29 of Jan 2010) in Paris.