Próximas presentaciones de los proyectos de Comunes

Durante el mes de octubre, Comunes ha sido invitada a presentar varios de sus proyectos en tres prestigiosos eventos: Free Culture Forum (Barcelona), presentando Kune y Move Commons, el próximo sábado 29 de octubre de 18:45h a 19:05h. El FCForum … Continuado

Getting Kune and Move Commons funded

As a non-profit grassroots driven fully by volunteers, Comunes relies on donations of the community for reaching at some point sustainability. Given the characteristics of our projects we find fundraising a pretty difficult task. That’s why one of Comunes volunteers … Continuado

Kune sees the light

After several years of work, we can finally introduce the first release of Kune. Kune is a free software (AGPLv3) that focuses on building free/libre contents collaboratively, focused on organization work and web content publishing. You can check out a … Continuado